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Big Buffalo

Big Buffalo The historic strength of Buffalo Air Handling is the custom designed air handling equipment that controls the indoor environment of some of the world's most prominent buildings. Helping you improve the environment in which we live and work is Buffalo Air Handling's most important job.

Big Buffalo is the most efficient way to factory fabricate large air handling systems for today's sophisticated buildings. With an almost unlimited range of capabilities, pressures, and component arrangements to choose from, you can design the most economically sized air handling system to meet your HVAC requirements.

This page is a thought starter on how to put Big Buffalo to work for you, illustrating several equipment arrangements and construction features. Also, included on this page are typical air handling unit guideline specifications to assist in creating your own specifications.

Utilize the experience of a Buffalo Sales Engineer as you review these Big Buffalo air-handling systems. As graduate engineers, schooled in the fundamentals of psychrometrics and airflow, they are anxious to share with you their practical experience in the application of these versatile air-handling systems.

The backbone of a Big Buffalo system is the heavy gauge double-wall panel mounted on a welded structural steel channel base. Basic casing design consists of 2" double-wall G90 mill galvanized steel panels; 14 gauge outer and 20 gauge inner, with 2" - 3 lb/ft cubed fiberglass insulation. Also, as an option, stainless steel or aluminum double-wall construction is available. Four inch double-wall construction is also available.

All three members of the building team - owner, engineer, and contractor - benefit from our Big Buffalo equipment because of the following features:
  • Reduced time in design and field installation
  • Single-source system responsibility; a manufacturer who designs, builds, and guarantees its own casing, and channel base, along with the performance of the fans and coils.
  • Standardization of component construction
  • Controlled uniform quality during manufacturing
  • Built-in serviceability
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Optimum performance from quality components
  • Startup and installation supervision
  • Factory testing

Fan Features

Fan Features

The fan section is the heart of a Big Buffalo air handling system. Buffalo Air Handling guarantees the performance on all centrifugal, plenum and axial fans used in our Big Buffalo air handling cabinets.

Applications requiring a centrifugal double inlet fan are provided with a reliable flat backward inclined or airfoil fan. The flat backward inclined or airfoil shaped blades produce non-overloading performance characteristics. The fan bearings are designed for a minimum L10 life of 40,000 hours (80,000 hours, L10 life optional). Axial air flow fan applications use fans with adjustable-pitch blades at rest or in flight.

The centrifugal fan can be fitted (or retrofitted) with reliable variable inlet vanes, matched with the blade shape to maximize efficiency.

Fans combined with variable frequency drives provide the most energy efficient air handling system. Factory installation assures single source responsibility.

Coil Features

Coil Features

Aerofin manufactures heating and cooling coils in the Big Buffalo air handling systems. As an option, Buffalo Air Handling can provide installation for alternate coil manufacturers.

Aerofin heating and cooling coils are provided with a wide range of fin spacing in either aluminum or copper. The fin surfaces consists of smooth tapered fins helically wound on tubes, providing maximum heat transfer with minimum air friction. The fins have a mechanical bond between the fin and tube generated by applied external force. Copper fins and tubes are solder-coated to reduce or eliminate corrosion. Features such as individually drainable headers, removable headers, and stainless steel casings are frequently specified.

Standard Aerofin tube wall is 0.020" - Heavier tube walls of 0.025", 0.035", and 0.049" construction are commonly specified with a very modest cost addition.

Standard Aerofin fin thickness is 0.010". Heavier fin thicknesses are also available.

Steam coils with either 5/8" or 1" O.D. tubes in a variety of fin spacings provide even leaving air temperatures over a wide range of modulation.

Rotary heat wheels, heat pipes, and glycol run-around coils can be provided for heat recovery systems.

System components, such as inlet louvers, dampers, blenders, filers, sound attenuators, humidifiers and access plenums, are provided as specified.

Buffalo Air Handling's revolutionary "Aerofil" provides low cost, low maintenance evaporative cooling or humidification for year-round operation.

Construction Features

Construction Features

  • Double-Wall heavy gauge galvanized steel construction using 14 gauge outer and 20 gauge inner panel is standard. Perforated inner wall construction of galvanized steel or aluminum are available as options. Special applications for operating pressures to 30" WG can also be provided.
  • All units are constructed on a welded structural steel channel base with a heavy gauge floor sheet to support internal components. Also featuring perimeter angles for ease of joining unit sections together in the field.
  • Accessibility can be designed into units where inspection, maintenance and service is required. Double-wall flush mounted doors are designed to open opposite the unit's operating pressure.
  • A full height, full width distribution plate reduces pressure drops by 50% or greater when compared to conventional diffusers.
  • Sound control is extremely important with high pressure systems. Big Buffalo double-wall panels have been tested by an independent laboratory and have the following certified sound transmission loss characteristics:

    Octave Band Analysis of Sound Transmission Loss in dB (2" panels)
    Octave Band234567
    Solid Inner Panel (14 GA/20GA/3lb/ft cubed)253948545858
    Perforated Inner Panel (14 GA/20 GA/3 lb/ft cubed212534445153

    Perforated inner panel construction for sound absorption is often specified for supply and return fan sections. Buffalo Air Handling can provide sound power level at inlet/discharge opening(s) and casing radiated values.

    Unit Features

  • Buffalo Air Handling provides units which will withstand heavy loading.
  • Units are completely fabricated and pre-assembled at the factory to ensure proper fit when joined in the field. These units are shipped in large modules requiring the least amount of field assembly and installation time.
  • Removable lifting lugs are provided as an option on all sections for convenient rigging at the job site.
  • Buffalo Air Handling service representatives are available to assist in the start-up, erection and testing of your equipment.